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Honky Château 2.0 will employ crowd sourcing to finance the recordings of musical albums and videos.  Designed for the global audience and with the exotic appeal of the French château, recording artists will earn revenues according to the size of their fan data base.  For the first time, artists and producers will be able to compose, track, overdub, cut vocals, mix, master, shoot and edit video, promote the project on the internet while it is in creation, in ideal conditions and at one hotelier studio complex.

The parameters for the website vehicle include invitational online booking and a live streaming subscription application.  The financing includes the purchase of a French château and the installation of world class audio and video equipment to insure the finest live streaming quality and audio clarity.  Pass codes to view live streaming will be generated for contributions, music downloads, and pay per view. All proceeds will be used for the studio's renovation, operation, and the rejuvenation of Château d'Hérouville.

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